Apple just trolled everyone by releasing its new AirPods


Apple’s groundbreaking wireless earphones are now on sale on the company’s website.

Apple very quietly put the earphones on sale yesterday, despite reports suggesting that the AirPods will not be ready until the new year.

The Cupertino tech giant had initially said that it needed “more time” to fix a number of issues with the AirPods, which connect to an iPhone using Bluetooth.

The issues were reportedly to do with both earphones not connecting as intended.

However, it seems that Apple has overcome the apparent issues quicker than anyone could have expected.

Users in Thailand can now buy the AirPods from the Apple site for 6,900 baht.

Airpods Thailand

The earphones come in a specially designed carry case that is also used for charging.

Apple originally unveiled the AirPods alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus back in September and they had been expected to go on sale in October.

However, issues with the Bluetooth connections meant the release was delayed.

Typically with wireless headphones, one earpiece receives the Bluetooth signal, which is then transmitted to the other earpiece.

However, the AirPods receive Bluetooth in both, which had caused some connection issues during testing.

Apple say the fact that the AirPods have independent Bluetooth connections for each ear it will offer much better sound quality and reduce distortion.

The AirPods are also fully integrated with Siri who can be accessed with a double tap. They also turn off automatically whenever you take them out of your ear to help conserve power.


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