Apple to launch new version of its cheapest iPhone next year


China’s Daily News is reporting that Apple is preparing to launch a new iPhone in early 2018, one that is expected to cheaper than the current versions.

The device which will be known as the iPhone SE2 is expected to cost in the region of US$450 which is being primarily aimed at the emerging markets.

The report went on to suggest that the iPhone SE2 will replace the current SE model.

The phone aims for the market that demands a smaller screen and a lower price. Many of the consumers are found in emerging markets who can’t afford Apple’s more premium devices.

The iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen compared to the 4.7-inch display on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. The current version sells in Thailand for Bt 14,500, noticeably cheaper than the iPhone 7.

The SE2 will be more expensive than the SE but will rock up cheaper than the iPhone 7, the Daily said.

It will run Apple’s new iOS 11 operating system and is likely to include the firm’s A10 processor which is used in the iPhone 7.

Meanwhile, another report claims the Apple is already working with a Taiwanese firm to manufacture the new handset, which will be aimed at consumers in India and other emerging markets.

It comes as Apple CEO Tim Cook previously said the firm will focus more of its efforts on the Indian market, which he has said he hopes could become “the next China”.

Apple was not immediately available for comment.


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