Apple looks certain to release a 256GB iPhone 7, experts claim


Another week and yet another iPhone 7 rumour although this time there does seem to be a certain degree of truth to it.

It looks a banker there will be a 256GB iPhone 7, which will see Apple off users double the amount of storage to what is available on the current top of the range iPhone 6S.

Claiming that the increase in storage has been brought on by “demand going through the roof” for more flash storage, the tech giant has also allegedly opted to dump the 16GB version with the smallest model now being the 32GB model.

Further rumours also suggest that the 64GB version may also be a thing of the past and replaced by a 128GB iPhone. This will mean that users have far more space to store 4K videos and Live Photos.

Apple have previously been criticised for the 16GB iPhone with those in the know claiming that is was simply not suitable for 4K and modern day apps.

The new iPhone is expected to be released on 16 September and is thought to be a similar design to the previous two models but will come complete with improved headphones and camera.

Source: Digitimes

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