Apple may not be releasing an iPhone 7 after all


Notorious leaker Evan Blass has revealed that the new phone from Apple may not be known as the iPhone 7.

Blass revealed no source for his information but in the past he has been proved to be right more often than he is wrong and stated that the new device is likely to be known as the iPhone 6SE rather than the predicted iPhone 7.

The latest in a long succession of leaks come from the German tech news site Apfelpage which revealed that Chinese supply chain sources claimed to have seen the finished packaging for the new device along with labels citing the new name.

The rumours would appear to be on the right lines with suggestions that the latest iPhone will be an iterative update rather than featuring any major design overhauls.

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The new device is thought to look extremely similar to its predecessor although it will have less visible antenna lines, a much improved camera and controversially no headphone jack.

Experts have reported previously that Apple would  move to a new 3 year design cycle, which suggests the next significant upgrade will come in 2017, with  what has already been dubbed the iPhone 8.

This would imply that the devices that are available this year from the Apple Store would be iPhone 6SE, iPhone 6SE Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus and iPhone SE.

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