Apple Music: Apple set to completely revamp its music streaming service


It appears that Apple has listened to the criticism that they have received relating to the messiness of the Apple Music app amid reports that the Cupertino company is about to completely overhaul its music streaming services

According to reports Apple will reveal a ‘more intuitive’ version at the WWDC in June.

The moves come in wake of several executives involved with the project leaving the company with issues said to relate to Apple struggling to unite download-based iTunes and the streaming music service into one.

It has been suggested that the revamp will be in tandem with what has been described as a “marketing blitz” intended to boost the number of subscribers to the music streaming service.

Apple have changed their focus slightly as they look to offset the falling iPhone sales and services like Apple Music are seen as the perfect vehicle in which to do this.

Apple had been concerned about the effect that promoting the streaming service might have had on their download sales but it appears that the impact has been negligible.

According to a report published in Bloomberg “even after the introduction of Apple Music, revenue from album and song purchases from the iTunes Store have remained steady at nearly $3.5 billion, according to two people familiar with the finances. That’s almost three times the revenue generated from streaming subscriptions.”

Apple is said to confident that the new and improved app will receive a positive reception when it is unveiled on the first anniversary of the launch of the music streaming service.


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  1. nickcage49 on

    Apple has been horribly corrupt in attempting to make Apple Music fly. They used to give their users Apple Radio. Then they abruptly started making it a part of Apple Music, so if you don’t pay them, you don’t get a previously free service, Apple Radio. When I asked their support people about it, the company line is “it’s a copyright issue”. That’s BS and they know it. Apple is just, as usual, showing it’s corporate greed. And in the end it will cost them. Apple Radio is good, but not worth paying for. And it allowed them to sell a ton of iTunes music, by allowing people to sample the product. Now I will go out of my way to not buy music from them. In fact I’m considering getting an Android phone the next go round, since the iPhone is quickly becoming outdated.