Apple Music goes live tomorrow with iOS 8.4 release


Apple is releasing iOS 8.4 tomorrow at 8AM Pacific Time (US), to allow users to hear the first ever broadcast of the new 24-7 Beats 1 radio service and also to start using Apple Music.

So don’t forget to upgrade your Apple devices if you want to enjoy 3 months of free and unlimited music streaming from one of the largest music collections in the world.

After the iOS 8.4 upgrade, the new Beats 1 station will go live, hosted by former BBC DJ Zane Lowe, and featuring a host of celebrity appearances and exclusives such as Elton John, Dr. Dre (who now works for Apple), Pharrell and Drake, in music sets and interviews.

Apple Music goes live, free music for 3 months

Beats 1 will be free to anyone signed in with their Apple ID. The Apple Music app also has on-demand streaming to more than 30 million tracks, which requires a subscription – it’s free for anyone that signs up, but after that subscriptions will cost $9.99 a month for a single user or $14.99 for a family of up to six people.

Apple Music also features Connect, which is a kind of social feed where artists can directly share notes, photos, videos and other materials. But what’s so special about Apple Music compared with Spotify? There are certainly a similar selection of music tracks on offer, but it’s cheaper for a family and of course there is 3 months of unlimited music, something that Spotify does not offer. There’s certainly no harm in trying out the new service, especially if you have lots of Apple devices and already have your music stored in Apple’s cloud.

Apple Music for iOS requires the new Music app, part of iOS 8.4 and due out on Tuesday. iTunes on a Mac or PC can also be updated to use the new service, but Android users will have to wait a few more months.

Anyone that already subscribed to the Beats Music app (which was taken over by Apple last year), Apple has confirmed that there will be an update to the app to migrate over to Apple Music.

SOURCE: AppleInsider.


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