Apple patent shows touchpad keyboard without any keys


Apple has filed a patent for a keyboard that doesn’t contain any actual keys.

Instead, the keyboard is replaced with a giant touch pad.

The patent, which was filed in September 2015 and made public this week, shows the picture of a laptop with a giant space in place of where the keyboard would ordinarily be.

The description on the patent reads: “configurable force-sensitive input structure for an electronic device”.

Users would be able to know where the keys are on the giant force trackpad via tiny backlights which would be used to illuminate the touchpad in a similar way to the keyboard on the MacBook currently.

According to the patent, an advantage of the touchpad keyboard is that it would not be damaged by liquid or debris which can pass through the keys of a regular keyboard.

Apple touchpad keyboard patent

The other obvious benefit is that a lack of a keyboard means future MacBook’s could be even thinner, as  little or no depth would be needed for the touch pad.

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Apple of course has already implemented 3D Touch technology in the iPhone 6S, which offers users extra options on links and apps depending on how hard they press on the screen.

The publication of the patent has lead some believe the proposed new technology could feature on a future MacBook.

With that being said, just because Apple has filed a patent, it doesn’t necessarily mean the technology will feature on one of its products any time soon.

Companies often file patents on new technology as part of their research process.

Earlier this week, it was reported about a Samsung patent for a ‘smart contact lenses’, which are said to include a minute camera and allow users to control their smartphone using blink patterns.

Source: Mashable


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