Apple Pay coming to mobile websites by the end of the year


Apple has apparently told some its partners that it plans to bring an in browser payment option to Apple Pay by the end of the year, according to a new report.

The new system will allow buyers to pay for goods using just their fingerprint meaning that the need to enter larger amounts of information is a thing of the past.

It is expected that the next system will be in operation on Safari for iOS around June and will let shoppers scan their fingerprints using TouchID on iPad or iPhone.

Apple’s major competitor for this service is PayPal who already offer quick checkout options on around half of the top 500 online retailers.

Where Apple will have the advantage is the fingerprint technology as PayPal still requires users to login before they can begin purchasing.

Apple is also considering introducing a desktop and laptop version although at this stage it is unclear how the fingerprint recognition will work on such devices.

The question still remains about what the benefits are of this new system. At the moment Apple in-store checkout service is probably on a similar scale of ease as paying by credit card.

The advantages will come with online purchases where you no longer need to find your credit card or remember the number prior to typing it in. There are also the added benefits of security.

You will now be logging into the Apple Pay site as opposed to a random website so this should give consumers added confidence.

It may not be the same as physically walking into a store but it is the next best thing.

Apple is yet to make an official announcement on the report.


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