Apple Pay launches in UK this month, no word yet on Asia


Apple appears set to enable its Apple Pay mobile payments service in the UK on the 14th of July, according to sources coming from several retailers in the country. Apple has already informed some Apple Retail employees in the UK that Apple Pay support will go live on the Tuesday, while internal memos for supermarkets such as Waitrose also indicate the same date…

Unfortunately, there’s still no word yet on when the service will be available in Asia and Thailand.

Apple Pay launch July

Apple will also begin training its UK staff on how to support Apple Pay, on July 12th. The mobile point of sale terminals that are used in English stores to take NFC payments have already been enabled to use the new mobile service, as well as materials to promote the launch in stores. It’s possible that stores will have different launch dates, but July 14th could well be the widespread start date for all stores.

Apple Pay UK Launch

Apple Pay was announced for a July UK launch at last month’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and the UK launch is the first country outside the US to get the service. A PIN won’t be required to use it, but it will initially include a £20 cap per transaction, as noted on the memo noted above and widely available online.

Source say that the £20 limit will be updated in the autumn to allow higher values. Apple is also working to bring the service to Canada later this year, as well as China and South Korea in the not-too-distant future. However, nobody yet knows if and when Thailand will get the service.



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