Is Apple about to release its own TV set?


Prolific leaker, Benjamin Geskin seems to believe that Apple are about to launch their own TV set, something that has been mooted since around 2015.

A blurry picture has appeared on Chinese social media appearing to show a flatscreen TV with an Apple logo on it. The problem with these types of images is that they are very hard to verify, especially when the images are so blurred.

MacWorld certainly doubt that the images are genuine quoting an article from 2015 that appeared in the Wall Street Journal stating that Apple had looked into the idea with a small team, however that team was disbanded ‘some time ago’.

The reason given at the time was that there a lack of innovative features to distinguish the set from others.

Indeed, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster wrote: “Envisioning the next 10 years, it seems less likely that the television will be the centrepiece of the living room with the evolution of virtual reality and augmented reality. We believe Apple is actively working on early virtual and augmented reality products, although we may be 5+ years away from seeing these products launched.”

Carl Icahn, however disagrees and believes there is a good chance that a set will be launched “within the next 12 months.”

He agrees with Geskin that it is something that Apple is working on and thinks that one of the main reason behind it may be to either test new technology or to ensure that they don’t lose ground to competitors already offering these types of device.

As always, we will just have to wait and see.


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