Apple says expected lifespan of an iPhone is just three years


The expensive iPhone you just bought is only meant to last you a few years, says Apple.

Earlier this week, Apple said that it expects users to replace their iPhone every three years.

Apple revealed the information in a Q&A section about its environmental efforts in a post on and coincided with the launch of a new campaign called Apps for Earth which is in partnership with WWF.

According to Apple the lifespan of an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is just three years, while a Mac and Apple TV should be replaced every four years.

Apple says the estimates on the lifespan of its devices apply to the first owner only and does not apply to recycled or reconditioned devices.

“Years of use, which are based on first owners, are assumed to be four years for OS X and tvOS devices and three years for iOS and watchOS devices,” Apple said.

Apple has previously been accused of building devices that designed to slow down after a certain period of time in order to prompt customers to purchase the latest model of iPhone or iPad.

While this has never been proven and is something that Apple would always deny, a study in 2014 by economics student Laura Trucco found that Google searches for the term “iPhone slow” increased whenever Apple announced the release of a new iPhone.

In March, Apple announced the launch of the 4 inch iPhone SE, which is the same size of the iPhone 5S but according to Apple contains much of the same specs and technology of the its flagship iPhone 6S.

Earlier this month, some network operators reduced the price of the three year old iPhone 5S in Thailand to just 5,900 Baht in an attempt to shift the last remaining stock ahead of the release of the iPhone SE, which is expected to be available in Thailand by the end of May.



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