Apple named second most innovative company in the world. Who is first?


Whether or not you agree, the term “innovative” is an often-used word when describing computer and smartphone giant Apple, and it seems that in this year’s The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, Apple has managed second place.


Apple – the second most innovative company in the world

It’s a common discussion in tech and fan sites – is Apple still considered innovative, or do they simply copy others? Of course, we could debate this for hours on end, but at least one company has deemed Apple worthy of the number two position. Fast Company’s annual report lists the 50 most innovative companies, in its own opinion.

So why did Apple reach number two? Perhaps it’s the under-the-hood improvements in iOS 8 that helped them rise up the charts (from a lowly fourteenth place last year). According to Fast Company:

“Many of the company’s most meaningful accomplishments don’t make for particularly memorable stagecraft. That’s because they’re about subtle software refinements that make its existing hardware products more useful”.

The report also mentions the fact that Apple has included features in iOS 8 that make it easier and better for developers to create unique and interesting apps, as well as HomeKit which supports connected homes, as well as TouchID (its fingerprint sensor), and of course Apple Pay. Fast Company considers that with iOS 8’s improvements and new features, as well as the fact that Apple has conceded some overall control of the operating system, is a good sign.

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Other companies that made the list include Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in third position, Google in fourth position, and Instagram in fifth. So who’s the number one most innovative company in the world right now? It’s Warby Parker of course! Who?!?!

Fast Company Innovation Awards - Apple

Let us know in the comments if you think Apple deserves the title of the world’s second most innovative company…