Apple secures patent that disables iPhone cameras at live concerts


Apple has won a patent for a new system that could potentially stop you from filming videos at live music concerts or theater performances.

The new technology works by venues using an infrared beam to disable photography on iPhones.

The news will please the like of Benedict Cumberbatch and Adele who have both pleaded with fans to stop recording performances and to enjoy them in real life. The main issue is that the performances then get shared on social media.

When the infrared beam is turned on the patent says the phone will display a message saying “recording disabled” should the audience member try to take photos or videos with their iPhone.

iPhone cameras patent

An alternative is that a watermark or blurring effect may be applied to discourage the practice.

At this stage it is unclear if Apple actually intends to use the technology as they do patent a lot of inventions without actually using them but clamping down would certainly win them some kudos with artists.

If Apple’s technology is actually introduced, concerned critics have said it may be used by oppressive regimes and law enforcement to prevent citizens documenting oppression.