Apple Secures Streaming Route Sharing Patent


Apple has secured a new streaming route sharing patent that could change the way you get directions on your smartphone. From a robot scouting ahead to live routes from local friends nearby, the new patent could pave the way for interesting uses in the future.

Reportedly, the patent details the sharing of live path tracking between multiple devices. The sharing goes beyond what Find My Friends offers and actually provides you with the actual route the other device is taking. All of this happens in real-time.

The patent would allow users to grant access to their streamed map data. Not only can you see the user’s current location, but other previous locations to help you get from point A to point B with ease.

Different tools can be used to help the person find their way, like using text and voice simultaneously. Mirroring of the other person’s device may also be possible, so the first user can see waypoint information and points of interest. In another version, routes are shared to the first device’s location, and changes are made based on the second party’s current location.

One interesting provision in the patent will allow device transmitting route or path information from robots or animals. This particular functionality could be useful for dangerous field work or search and rescue missions.


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