Apple shelves major new features in iOS 12 – but for good reason


The launch of iOS 12 may be more boring than usual as the company looks to concentrate on offering new security fixes and performance gains meaning that many new features won’t make an appearance until next year.

The news comes in wake of a tough two months for Apple after a range of bugs were found on Macs and iPhones.

The bugs on iPhones included secretly slowing down devices that had old batteries and this controversy continued well into January.

It seems that Apple will focus on ironing out these bugs, ensuring that they are cut out before iOS 12 is launched.

Both Axios and Bloomberg have both reported that the OS will be launched in Autumn as usual.

It seems that many of the new features won’t appear including an in-car interface known as CarPlay, a refresh of the home screen, multiplayer modes for the augmented reality features introduced last year and alterations to the photo and camera apps.

When iOS 11 was launched last September, some features including Apple Cash Pay were delayed. The company is keen to avoid any such occurrences happening again as security researchers revealed that home software from Apple left some users unable to type the letter “I”.

It is not the first time that Apple have had concentrate on improving their OS after Snow Leopard was released after Leopard in order to speed up devices.

However, they have never produced such a conservative iOS, with only the ninth version focusing on speeding up and tightening the OS, but even then, it included a range of new features.


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