Apple take a dig at Windows 10 in new iPad Pro advert


It appears that Apple has relaunched their long-running war with Microsoft and Windows 10 with a new ad campaign.

The new adverts obviously promote the iPad Pro but a large proportion of them point out the faults affecting other computers.

Apple state that their device is “better than a computer” whilst criticising Microsoft for not have the same performance or portability as their premium model.

The ads, which have been released on the company’s YouTube Channel as well as on Twitter look to persuade people that the iPad and iPad Pro are equals to a computer.

One of the 15 second adverts hits back at a tweet that reads: “An iPad Pro is not even close to being a computer”.

However, Apple responds by saying the iPad Pro is not meant to be a computer, and in fact is: “faster than most laptops, has LTE like your phone and has a touchscreen you can write on.”

Another ad hits back at the commonly mistaken belief that you need a Windows PC to download Microsoft Word claiming that the iPad Pro allows users to “do more with Word”

In another the old Apple boast that they devices don’t get viruses is central saying: “You know, an iPad Pro doesn’t get pc viruses – so relax, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Not surprisingly, Apple fail to mention the vast difference in price with basic model being around 10% more than most mid-range Windows 10 laptops.

Although it is not clear why Apple have chosen now to go on the offensive now, it has been widely predicted that the company is planning to launch several new devices in 2017.


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