Apple ties with Samsung as world’s largest smartphone maker


After Apple’s record-breaking financial results, Strategy Analytics has analysed the numbers and declared that Apple has tied with Samsung as the kings of smartphone vendors in Q4 2014.


Apple and Samsung tied in smartphones during Q4 last year

Both Apple and Samsung have shipped 74.5 million smartphones in the last financial quarter, although Samsung still managed to sell more units than Apple in the full year by 124.5 million. The latest published figures mean Samsung and Apple each have just over 19.6% share of the mobile phone market.

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Global smartphone shipments grew 31% to reach 380 million in Q4 last year, up  from 290.2 million units the year before. In the full year, 1.3 billion smartphones were shipped with most of the growth thanks to emerging markets such as India and China.

Global Smartphone Vendor Shipments 2014

Statistics courtesy of Strategy Analytics.

Why has Apple done so well? Part of the reason is that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have proved especially popular in China, the US (where it accounts for 50% of all new smartphones) and Europe. Consumers were holding out waiting for Apple to release larger devices, and it seems the strategy has paid off.

Samsung also managed to sell 74.5 million smartphones in Q4 2014 and also captured 19.6% percent marketshare, but that was down from 29.6% percent from Q4 2013.

Global Smartphone Vendor Market Share 2014

Statistics courtesy of Strategy Analytics.

Samsung has struggled in 2014 under intense competition from Apple in the high-end smartphone market, and from Chinese upstarts like Xiaomi at the entry-level. That hasn’t stopped Samsung holding onto the top spot for the full year, but it remains to be seen how long it can hold that position.

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As for the other players in the market, Lenovo merged with Motorola last year and managed to capture 7.2% of the global smartphone market and move into third position in Q4 2014. Lenovo hopes to use the Motorola brand to increase its market share and offset weakened growth in its home market of China. Huawei, another Chinese handset maker, managed to ship 24.1 million smartphones worldwide in Q4, which helped it to the fourth position over the full year with 5.8% of the market.

SOURCE: Strategy Analytics



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  2. Ha! When I glanced at the headline, thought it meant the two have tied – as in teamed up.

    I’ve never had an iphone. When I was working, at the end, I finally relented to the nagging and started using a BlackBerry. I would never spend my own money for an expensive iphone. I have a 5 year old Samsung Galaxy before they started making them the size of house bricks. Reasonable price when bought new, small, fits in my pocket, and still does the job.