Apple to block Flash by default in Safari 10


It seems like things just go from bad to worse for Flash with Apple announcing that they too will disable the bug-ridden plug-in by default on Safari 10.

Ricky Mondello, an Apple engineer explained that Adobe Flash will be disabled by default on Safari 10, the new Mac OS operating system in a post on the WebKit blog. Other browser plug-ins will also be blocked such as Silverlight, QuickTime and Java.

Mr Mondello said “The web platform is capable of amazing things. Thanks to the ongoing hard work of standards bodies, browser vendors and web developers, web standards are feature-rich and continuously improving. The WebKit project in particular emphasises security, performance and battery life when evaluating and implementing web standards. These standards now include most of the functionality needed to support rich media and interactive experiences that used to require legacy plug-ins like Adobe Flash.”

It appears that is you visit a website that requires Flash or HTML5, the OS will automatically select HTML5. If the page only runs Flash, Safari will ask the user if they would like to enable it, this can be just for the session or permanently for that particular URL.

The removal of Flash will also deliver further benefits such as improved battery life and better performance and Mondello strongly encouraged developers to make the switch to HTML.

These actions see Apple follow the same course of action as other technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and Mozilla who have disabled the plug-in.

Chrome will block Flash later this year except on 10 whitelist sites which include YouTube and Facebook.


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