Apple to drop 16GB storage option on iPhone 7


For many of us 16GB of storage on a smartphone is simply not enough and it appears that Apple has finally come around to same way of thinking.

The latest iPhone 7 will reportedly start with 32GB of internal storage and this will help prevent people from running out of space and having to delete things, reports 9to5Mac.

In the past the company had said that people should save space by using the cloud or purchasing more expensive models – not surprisingly this was something that tended to generate widespread criticism.

The 16GB model has long been unpopular but was often the only affordable iPhone for many users, yet much of this storage was eaten with iOS alone.

Apple has steadily been increasing the maximum amount of storage that is available in its devices with the release of the 256GB device earlier this year.

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As always, Apple has found improved ways to make it easier for you to fill up this storage space such as the introduction of 4k video recording on the latest iPhone models.

It appears that one of the main reasons that Apple kept the 16GB version around for so long was because they could sell users an upgrade to 64GB for around US$100 (THB3,500).

It is therefore unclear at this stage what the final line up in terms of storage will be with the iPhone 6S being available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB sizes.

There have been many rumours flying around about the iPhone 7 but it appears now that the general consensus is that the design will be similar to that of the iPhone 6 and 6S.

However, the device is expected to have a dual camera setup for better quality photos and it will have the headphone jack removed.


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