Apple to finally let you delete those annoying default apps


Apple’s latest iOS 10 operating system will allow users to delete any unwanted default apps that tend to clog up the home screen.

A common problem with the iPhone has been the device running out of storage space an deleting photos and videos appears to make little difference so you are left with no alternative but to start deleting the apps.

The problem has been that you end up deleting apps that you actually use, sometimes infrequently, but still they get used whilst some of the Apple apps that never get touched can’t be deleted.

Let’s face it, how often do you use Compass, Stocks, Wallet, Find Friends or Tips – the majority will say rarely if even at all.

Apple did not highlight that the move had been made at their recent Worldwide Development Conference but some eagle-eyed observers noticed that the apps could now be purchased from the App Store – which, by its very nature means that they can now be deleted.

The new iOS version won’t be available until the autumn but a beta version will be available for public testing next month.

The iOS 10 was officially announced at the Apple conference and the company’s leading executives showcased some of the main features that will be available on the new system and this included some quite extensive changes to Siri in terms of its overall interface.


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