Apple to overhaul MacBook Pro lineup with these impressive new features


Apple is getting ready to unveil its all new MacBook Pro 2016 later this year.

According to recent reports, the upcoming model is set to have a sleek new thin design and include a host of new features such as a bigger trackpad, fingerprint reader and improved graphics.

Apple’s MacBook range is due an overhaul, given that the latest major redesign was back in June 2012 when the Cupertino firm launched its slimmed down model with Retina display.

Now in 2016, it seems Apple is ready to give its powerful laptop somewhat of a major refresh.

According to a report in Bloomberg, the tech giant will give the 2016 MacBook Pro its most significant overhaul since it first launched and will have the same super thin all aluminium chassis found the Apple MacBook, making it thinner and lighter than previous models.

The MacBook Pro 2016 will also include four USB-C ports with support for Thunderbolt 3 in place of the MagSafe charger found on the previous version.

Leaked images which recently appeared on Cult of Mac of the MacBook Pro 2016 are also thought to give the best hint yet at what Apple could have planned for the next version of its high powered laptop.

Image: Cult of Mac

Image: Cult of Mac

Leaked image of the new thinner MacBook Pro. Image: Cult of Mac

Leaked image of the new thinner MacBook Pro. Image: Cult of Mac

It is expected the traditional function keys will be replaced with an intelligent OLED touch screen panel that is capable of offering up different controls depending on what you are doing at that time. For example, if you are using iTunes you will see music related controls, but if you are typing in a word document you could expect to see copy and paste or related functions.

The touch screen would also double up as a fingerprint scanner and would work in a similar manner to the Touch ID sensor found on the latest versions of the iPhone and iPad.

The same sensor will also be built into the power button meaning you can power up the new MacBook Pro with a single tap of the button, as well as using the sensor to log in to the device or online accounts in place of a regular password.

It could also be used to authorise payments on Apple Pay, which will feature heavily in the next version of the Mac operating system, MacOS Sierra.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple will add a new range of colours to the MacBook Pro lineup including gold, grey and silver, like it has done with the 12 inch MacBook, iPhone and iPad.


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