Apple to release Siri powered smart speaker to rival Amazon Echo


Apple is reportedly about to announce the release of smart speaker powered by its digital assistant Siri.

The Cupertino firm has already begun production of the speaker and it will be announced at its World Wide Developer Conference which is due to take place next week, Bloomberg reported.

The smart speaker will rival similar products such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home and will allow Siri to control appliances in the home and perform other tasks such as finding out information.

Bloomberg also said the speaker will include “virtual surround sound”, a feature which isn’t currently available on either the Amazon Echo or Google Home and which could offer music fans improved sound quality and an all round better listening experience. The feature would almost certainly link to iTune and Apple Music.

Users will connect the speaker to their Apple device and use could use it to book an Uber or remind them to pick up groceries or attend an appointment, for example.

It could also be used to adjust the temperature of the air conditioning or turn the lights in homes which have smart devices.

Bloomberg said the device will debut at WWDC which begins 5 June and will go on sale later this year.


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