Apple to start testing virtual reality, claims new report


Whether we like it or not, virtual reality is here and there is little prospect of it going away and quite frankly would we want it to?

Tim Cook the Apple CEO said recently that virtual reality “has some interesting applications”.

Indeed the company is so impressed at the prospect that they have setup a team to work solely on developing this type of technology.

According to a report published in the Financial Times the team was built up by headhunting virtual and augmented reality experts from competitors such as camera company Lytro and arch rival Microsoft.

It is hoped that this foray will be more successful than the previous attempt in the mid 2000’s.

Apple’s latest project in this field is VR headsets with the assistance of the newly acquired company, Flyby Media, an AR startup focusing on helping phones “see” and had previously worked with Google on Project Tango.

The headsets which are currently at the prototype stage may be encased in the iPhone – fitting with Flybe Media’s focus in previous partnerships with Google and similar to Samsung’s Oculus Gear VT or it may be a standalone device such as the Oculus Rift. Such is the secrecy surrounding the project; this final goal is only known by a few employees.

In the past Apple have been known to work on ideas in secret for years and they never see the light of day only to then aggressively hire R&D employees to try again several years later.

It has been noted that a number of Apple’s VR and AR related patents and job listings have been increasing in the last couple of years with more expected after the recent appointment of VR researcher Doug Bowman.


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