Next-gen Apple TV will probably not support 4K video


BuzzFeed reports this week that Apple’s long-awaited next generation Apple TV will not support 4K video streaming.

The report claims that due to the lack of TVs that support the latest high resolution video standard, as well as the lack of widely available streaming 4K content, Apple has no plans to implement it in its upcoming refreshed set-top box, which is expected to be announced sometime this year.

New Apple TV won’t support emerging 4K video standard

“4K is great, but it’s still in its infancy”, one of the sources stated. 4K video has been catching on over the past year or two, but there doesn’t yet appear to be any incentive or benefit for Apple to support it in the budget-priced Apple TV box. It recently had a price cut to just $69. Although Netflix does support 4K video streaming, the content is currently very limited. It’s also very expensive for consumers at the moment, and it uses several times the Internet bandwidth as a regular Netflix stream.

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Apple is rumoured to debut the new Apple TV later this year, with a tentative estimate of WWDC in June this year. It’s supposed to be thinner and should offer a more capable and tactile remote control. In terms of the software, the new Apple TV should offer a redesigned interface and an App Store with support for its upcoming streaming music service.

It has also been widely reported that Apple will this year unveil a $30-$40 per month web TV service with support for at least 25 channels – reportedly to launch in September with support from ABC, CBS, and Fox.

Do you own an Apple TV box or a 4K-capable TV? Let us know in the comments below if 4K video streaming is something that might tempt you to upgrade to a new Apple TV…

SOURCE: BuzzFeed


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