Apple Watch 2 to have bigger battery and smaller body, but not many new features


The Apple Watch 2 is set to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 7 at Apple’s eagerly anticipated event later this week.

The 2nd generation of its popular smartwatch is set to feature a bigger battery and smaller body, but probably won’t include many new features.

Instead, the Apple Watch 2 will be more a refinement of the current version rather than a total redesign, but it should fix a few of the issues with the Apple Watch, namely that it is too big for some users, as well as addressing its lousy battery life.

According to latest reports, the battery is set to receive a huge upgrade, with one rumour suggesting battery life could be boosted by as much as 35 percent, with the battery capacity being increased from 0.98 WH to 1.28 WH.

With that being said, the extra battery life may well actually be eaten up by the new version of the Watch operating system, which is also expected to be unveiled at the same time as the new watch.

The same report, which claims to have seen leaked components of the Apple Watch 2 says that the overall design will be “noticeably thinner”, although the display itself will remain unchanged.

Compared to the iPhone 7, the Apple Watch 2 has seen far fewer leaks prior to its release.

Previous reports suggested Apple will focus on more health and fitness related functions rather than adding a range of other new features, while other analysts have said that the new Apple Watch will come with a FaceTime camera and enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities.

There have also been rumours that Apple may decided to enable the Apple Watch 2 for use independently of an iPhone.


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