Apple Watch Apps Let Users Monitor Their Health


Apple Watch is set to change the way people monitor their health. The watch doesn’t look much different than the competition with a touchscreen display and a basic heart rate sensor. But the company states that the real power behind the watch will come from developer apps that enhance the way people can monitor their health like never before.

Apple has yet to release a full API to developers, but the limited access has already shown promise. App developers, such as Tapity, have high hopes for the Apple Watch. Services focused on health are some of the most impressive with up-to-the-minute monitoring being shown directly on the watch’s screen. Users will be able to sync their iPhone and watch to ensure updates are accurate and fast.

One company, DexCom Monitor, will be allowing users to continually check their blood glucose levels using their watch. The monitor is a tiny device that lays right under a person’s skin. The device will transmit the data directly to the user’s iPhone. Afterwards, the iPhone will do the heavy processing and send the graphs to the watch for the users to view right on their wrist.

Cohero Health is another company that plans to harness the power of the Apple Watch. The company’s medical device will capture respiratory data when used and syncs with the AsthmaHero app. The app can even send this data to the wearer’s healthcare provider.

Weight monitoring and fitness tracking will be more accessible as well. There will even be a breathalyzer app that will allow drivers to ensure that they’re not over the legal BAC level before getting behind the wheel.

Apple Watch is set to go on sale in April. Many of the healthcare apps will need the use of both an iPhone and the smartwatch to run properly.