Apple Watch battery life is supposedly better than expected


According to the latest reports, the Apple Watch’s battery life should be better than expected, according to early user accounts, while the device is said to radically change the way users interact with their iPhone.

Apple Watch battery lasts all day

A report in TechCrunch cites people that have spent extended time with the as-yet-unreleased product, and says that Apple has been working on making the battery last longer, so that in a day or normal use, it should have 25% of its power left at the end of the day.

That means it will still need to be charged overnight, but it should easily make it through a full day on a single charge. Apparently, it also takes about two hours to fully recharge.

Apple has previously said that the Apple Watch will last a day, but in January rumours claimed the company was struggling to achieve an acceptable level. That’s why Apple has supposedly implemented a new feature called Power Reserve, which cuts power to non-essential functions to extend the battery life when it’s low.

Apple Watch Closeup 2

TechCrunch sources say that receiving notifications on the Watch also requires the product to be locked and strapped to a wrist. This seems to block alerts some users might want, but it also reduces power consumption and unwanted annoyances. Additionally, notifications will stop entirely once the battery dips to below 10%.

The people testing the watch say that the touchscreen is sensitive, sharp and very precise, making it easy to control apps that have small interfaces. Apple has also been said to refine the ‘digital crown’, syncing it with onscreen scroll speeds and deliberately increasing friction. By pressing and holding the crown you can launch Siri to dictate – which is necessary as it does not include an onscreen keyboard.

Users have apparently said that using the Apple Watch means they tend to use their iPhone much less – probably because they can act on tasks and notifications right away without their phone. One user told TechCrunch that they almost stopped using their iPhone during the day as a result.

Apple will reveal the final details about the Apple Watch during an event on Monday.

SOURCE: TechCrunch


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