Apple Watch customer satisfaction 97%, says survey


Most owners of the Apple Watch are extremely happy with the new wearable device (I know I am!), according to the latest survey, with the overall satisfaction rating above the levels for the original iPhone and iPad when they were launched years ago.

Apple Watch high score in customer satisfaction survey

More than 800 Apple Watch owners were surveyed by a company called Wristly (Twitter page), which found that 31% were somewhat satisfied, 66% were very satisfied adding up to 97% overall. That compares to 91% of iPad buyers and 92% of iPhone owners when similar surveys were conducted at a similar point in those devices’ lives.

Casual users appear to be the most happy with the Apple Watch, as 73% of those surveyed who don’t work in technology were apparently very satisfied. That number falls to 63% for ‘tech insiders’ and 43% for developers. It seems that technical people are just too demanding of their gadgets!

Apple Watch Customer Satisfaction

Most people surveyed also think the Apple Watch is good value, with 73% saying it’s worth what it costs. 14% say it’s actually worth more, while 12% rated it as a poor value product.

Wristly also says that its analysis showed a difference in perceived value between owners of the stainless steel version and the Sport Apple Watch (made from 7000 series aluminium), with the stainless steel owners believing it’s better value.

Apple is expected to reveal a few snippets of data about Apple Watch’s first few months on the company’s earnings call on Tuesday, but sales figures won’t be broken out in detail.

SOURCE: AppleInsider.


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