Apple Watch could be delayed in Switzerland over patent issue


Apple Watch may not launch in Switzerland until December this year at the earliest, because of a patent that dates back to 1985, a document from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property appears to suggest.

Apple Watch may be blocked by patent in Switzerland

The document was published in a trade magazine called Business Montres & Joaillerie, and recently discovered by local broadcaster RTS, Reuters said on Saturday.

The patent apparently belongs to William Longe, who owns the Leonard watch brand, and may block Apple from using the image of an Apple (which it does not) or even the word “Apple” for a watch.

Thankfully for Apple though, it expires on December 5th after 30 years, leaving Apple free to sell its new smart watch in Switzerland soon after that.

Apple Watch

Does it matter to any Swiss people that want to buy Apple Watch? Probably not as they’ll just be able to hop over the border to nearby places in Germany or France to pick one up in any case.

The device will ship in nine countries on April 24, including the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan and the UK. Sales are expected to expand rapidly to more countries, with Europe likely to be a focus, however the pace of the international rollout will depend on how quickly the suppliers and manufacturing partners can produce the devices.

Last month it was revealed that Apple Watch is likely to be in short supply at launch, but that Apple is prepared for the issue.

SOURCE: Business Montres & Joaillerie


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