Apple Watch launches and App Store goes live


The Apple Watch has finally been officially released today, however not much has changed as you still can’t go into a bricks-and-mortar Apple Store and pick one up (you can try one on though). But what is new is the fact that the Apple Watch App Store, dedicated to iPhone apps that include watch support, has now gone live.

Apple Watch app store goes live

Apple added the Apple Watch App Store support in iOS 8.2 as part of the Apple Watch companion app (that’s used to setup and configure many aspects of the watch). But until now the section has just displayed a coming soon page. Today, the App Store is fully available.

In addition to some of the just-updated apps this week such as Apple’s Keynote Remote, the watch’s App Store highlights various categories of watch apps, such as games, health and fitness, news, social media and more.

In addition to the new App Store that’s now available, Apple Watch OS 8.2 has been released, which is expected to be the version that ships with the device, and hit the servers now, which makes it possible to restore the Apple Watch if you need to reset it (it’s all backed up and synchronised to your iCloud account).

The Wall Street Journal reported that there are now more than 3,000 Apple Watch Apps available. You can see a couple of screenshots of the new App Store below.

Apple Watch App Store

As well as the dedicated store, apps in the regular iOS App Store indicate apps that have an Apple Watch version available.

Apple Watch App Store


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