Apple Watch shown off in new Apple videos


Coming close to the April 24th release date, Apple has just released four new “guided tour” videos showing off what the Apple Watch is and what it can do, as the company releases a brand new product to a somewhat skeptical market.

Wearables and smart watches of all kinds are certainly growing in popularity, but the public at large is still a little hesitant to spend a lot on gadgets that are still largely unproven. Apple seems to realise that it needs to educate the public about the watch and what it can do, so the new videos aim to show off the main features.

Apple releases Apple Watch guided tour videos

The first video, “Welcome to Apple Watch” is an overview of the watch and how you can use it, and includes a demonstration of how the Digital Crown can be used to navigate the watch and how the Force Touch pressure sensitivity can be used.

Apple Watch Guided Tour

The next video, “Messages”, covers how you can answer text messages using the watch, such as by dictating responses and sending animated emoji.

Apple Watch Guided Tour

The “Faces” video shows just how you can customise the detail on Apple Watch, such as by showing alerts and other information from specific apps.

Apple Watch Guided Tour

Finally, “Digital Touch” demonstrates how you can send sketches and taps to your friends by doodling straight on the screen.

Apple Watch Guided Tour

The watch is available for preorder starting on April 10 at midnight (in the US).