Apple Watch preorders open today – but how can you buy one in Thailand?


As you are probably aware by now, the Apple Watch is available for pre-order today in various countries around the world. Apple’s wearable is expected to be the biggest selling smartwatch ever, and has generally received favourable to mixed reviews.

Demand is expected to be very high and Apple has already said that for the launch at least, you won’t be able to just walk into a store and buy one – instead, the company is taking Internet orders only with free delivery or pickup in-store.

If you visit an Apple Store today in any of the nine launch countries (Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US), you can try Apple Watch by appointment only.

Where can I buy an Apple Watch in Thailand?

If you’re looking to buy an Apple Watch in Thailand, I’m afraid that you’re out of luck because it’s not yet on sale in the country.

Additionally, even when the release date is announced (and it’s likely to be several months at least), it’s almost certain that they will not be available via third-party resellers, meaning that you’ll need to order online via the Thai Apple Store website, or visit one of the company’s stores in Bangok.

However, there are a few other alternative avenues that you could explore, for example:


Apple Watch eBay

There are already Apple Watches for sale on eBay at hugely inflated prices (double or more), even though it’s not yet officially on sale. The sellers no doubt hope to pick one up and then sell online to the countries where it’s not yet available.

Many of those sellers will ship abroad, and that’s certainly a valid option to get an Apple Watch early, though you may be liable to pay customs and import charges depending on the postal method.

For Thailand, you can expect to pay around 12% of the total value of the watch, shipping and insurance (7% VAT and 5% or more import duty depending on the country) but check some of the duty calculator websites before you take the plunge.

From another country’s Apple Store

You should be able to preorder an Apple Watch from another countries Apple Store website, but note that you’ll probably only be able to have delivery to the specific country. For example, if you preorder the Apple Watch from Apple UK, you may well need a valid UK postal address to send the item. In that case, get it sent to a friend and then ask them to arrange delivery via courier or regular post (if you want to take the risk of it getting lost in transit!).

Electronics shops in Bangkok

It’s just a matter of time before the various electronics shops in Bangkok, in places like Pantip, have imported Apple Watches from Hong Kong and Japan. However, it’s probably that you’ll pay a huge markup for the privilege.

The Apple Watch Sport retails for $349 (for the smaller 38 mm case) to $399 (for the 42 mm size), which equates to 11,352 baht and 12,982 baht respectively. Bangkok outlets will probably charge closer to 20,000 baht.

Final words

If you’ve already decided to order an Apple Watch, then the easiest option is to order from an Apple Store online in the country you live. Unfortunately for many people, the device is not yet available, as is the case in Thailand. Ultimately, you’re best off just waiting…if you can!

If you have the cash to splash, it’s possible that you could simply fly to the nearest country that sells the Apple Watch and make an appointment to try and buy…good luck!

As for me – I’m ordering via Apple’s UK website on Friday morning at 8.01 am!



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  2. You have to also have a card from the same country to buy from the country specific website. The only exemption is for those with US cards that can be accepted at all Apple stores. Btw other than the Apple online store they don’t have any in Thailand. iStudio is an authorised reseller, not Apple.