Apple Watch: Offers for Personal Setup Being Sent to Consumers


Consumers know that the Apple Watch would be a new experience. While some customers are receiving their watch on Friday the 24th, many are starting to get email invitations from the company. These invitations allow the consumer to talk with an Apple Specialist via video to help learn about their new purchase and how to properly setup their watch.

This is a live video call, so users will be able to ask questions.

While many knew that a virtual personal setup would be offered, it was initially only going to be offered on the higher-end models. Now, however, users that have purchased the less expensive Apple Sport Watch are also being sent invitations to schedule their online appointment with a specialist.

The company is offering virtual setups through May 7th, with users being able to choose morning, afternoon and evening hours. Currently, many of the morning slots have been filled, so those that have received an invitation will need to act swiftly.

Apple has stated that they want the experience to be just like walking into an Apple retail store. Consumers will talk to the specialist face-to-face through video chat and do so from the comfort of their home.

A smart move by Apple, this will keep retail stores free of customers asking how to setup their new smartwatch.


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