Apple Watch rumoured to be in short demand at launch


The various Apple fan sites today are reporting that supply of the soon-to-be-launched Apple Watch will be in very short supply, at least initially.

Apparently, Apple has slashed its initial order of Apple Watches from around 3 million to just 1.5 million, according to a new report out of Taiwan. However, as is always the case at new product launches, the supplies are said to be limited to due manufacturing difficulties.

Apple Watch orders slashed?

The issues are said to stem from the decision to switch to a new type of display for the watch. The new AMOLED panels are being made by Korea’s LG, but the company is reported to be having difficulty producing enough to keep up with demand – they were expected to manufacture more than 5 million panels each month. The company actually assembling the watch is said to be Quanta computer, based in Taiwan.

However, Apple may not in fact be cutting its supply, as the rumours are said to be highly dubious. Maybe something else is going on? The original source of the story is Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, which doesn’t have a very good track record at least compared to other publications. They have also made some pretty dubious claims about Apple’s manufacturing process.

Apple Watch Models

It’s well known the Apple CEO Tim Cook is a supply chain guru, and that he would have already planned for situations like this (if true), allowing other manufacturers to pick up the slack if necessary. LG may in fact be cutting production based on low yield of the screens, but Apple is likely to be relying on other manufacturers too, such as Samsung and Sharp, to meet the 3 million initial order.

Nevertheless, there are so many people aiming to pick up an Apple Watch, that consumers may need to plan for the possibility of limited availability no matter how many devices can be cranked out – in other words, as soon as the midnight pre-orders come online on April 10th, be sat there with your credit card at the ready if you want to guarantee getting your hands on one.


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