Apple Watch bands can be bought separately at launch


With this year’s most-hyped piece of technology a little over a month away, there are still dozens of questions surrounding the new Apple Watch that have not yet been answered. One of these is whether the interchangeable bands (straps) will be available for purchase separately at launch.

Apple Watch bands available separately

The last week or two has seen a lot of speculation about the Apple Watch pricing (with the high-end 18k gold models expected to have a price tag of many thousands of dollars), as well as how Apple plans to bundle and sell the huge range of bands listed on its Apple Watch website.

Insiders familiar with the matter have claimed this week that Apple does plan to sell most of the bands as separate accessories for the Apple Watch from the launch day. Until now, Apple has only shown the Watch in ready made collections, but the latest rumours say that Apple’s retail stores will carry individual straps from day one so that customers can mix and match the looks of their watches.

Millions of combinations

Apple Watch Faces

Apple has in fact previously said there are millions of combinations when you consider the various watch faces, sizes of watch, and interchangeable strap combinations, but until now we’ve not had any official confirmation that the straps would be available separately at launch.

Today, we know that the Apple Watch will come in three distinct models – the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition – and that each of these models will have a selection of straps at the 38 mm and 42 mm sizes. Some straps, such as those on the Apple website (for example the Modern Buckle and Leather Loop) will be limited to select colours for the Apple Watch and the real gold Apple Watch Edition.

The Apple Watch Sport (the cheapest of the lineup) offers all strap colours and options for both sizes of Watch, and is expected to be priced from $349. Of course, it’s possible that Apple will sell straps at launch that are different to the ones it’s already shown.

Either way, we’ll know all the combinations and prices in a little over a month.


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