Apple Watch available in Thailand July 17th


In a sign that Apple has likely finally caught up with the initial demand for the Apple Watch, which sold out within days of going on pre-order sale in a handful of countries on April 10th, the company is set to launch the smartwatch in Thailand on 17th of July.

Apple Watch release date in Thailand

The Apple Watch is the company’s first wearable device, and is their most personal yet. It requires an iPhone to work, as many of the functions are offloaded to the phone for more complex processing.

People lucky enough to have purchased one already in any of the launch countries will already be familiar with some of its features and functions, such as it’s hi resolution OLED screen, force touch (where the wearer can press harder on the screen to access a wider array of menu options), Siri voice-controlled integration, and decent selection of thousands of apps on the App Store.

The prices for Thailand, according to the Thai Apple Store website, are as follows:

  • Apple Watch Sport 38 mm:13,500 baht
  • Apple Watch Sport 42 mm:15,500 baht
  • Apple Watch 38 mm: from 20,500 baht (depends on strap)
  • Apple Watch 42 mm: from 22,500 baht (depends on strap)
  • Apple Watch Edition 38 mm: from 395,000 baht (depends on materials)
  • Apple Watch Edition 42 mm: from 470,000 baht (depends on materials)

You can read the first review of the Apple Watch in Thailand here.

SOURCE: Apple Store.


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