Consumer Reports finds Apple Watch screen un-scratchable


Consumer Reports has just tested the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport (the entry-level model) to see how they withstand various forms of punishment.

From their day 1 tests, they have found that the sapphire screen on the mid-tier Apple Watch could not be scratched under any circumstances, but the Apple Watch Sport screen does scratch but only after going quite far down the Moh’s hardness scale, which is unlikely to happen in reality.

Apple Watch sapphire screen withstands punishment

The sapphire screen on the Apple Watch could not be scratched, as expected, and managed to survive a 9-rated ‘pick’ from the company’s kit. The Apple Watch Sport made it all the way to a 7-rated pick without damage, but was scratched by an 8-rated pick.

This all means that the face of the Apple Watch is definitely harder than the one on the Apple Watch Sport. But the Sport model’s hardened ion-x glass is fairly impresses. An 8 on the Mohs scale, which was hard enough to scratch it, is equivalent to topz, which is just one step below sapphire. Ultimately, it will take quite an abrasive material to scratch Apple’s glass.

Consumer Reports also tried scratching the Sport model’s screen with a steel key, and the glass came away unscathed. The company also carried out various heart rate sensor and step counting tests, and found that the Apple Watch sensors are accurate. Lastly, the device was submerged in water for 30 minutes in 3 feet of water, matching its rating, and found it waterproof.

Check out the video for the full lowdown of Consumer Reports’ tests.


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