Apple will release three new iPhone 7 handsets, suggest new leaked images


Apple could be about to launch three new phones this year – with an all new ‘Pro’ model set to join the iPhone 7 lineup.

While there have been lots of rumours surrounding the upcoming release of the iPhone 7, newly leaked photos imply that Apple will release an iPhone 7, iPhone Plus and an iPhone 7 Pro.

The images appear to confirm earlier rumours that the new iPhone 7 will include a dual camera, similar to that found on the Huawei P9, which allows for more detailed pictures to be taken compared to a typical smartphone camera lens.

Other rumours have suggested that a Pro model could include the same smart connector that is currently used on the iPad Pro, which enables it to be connected to a keyboard and other accessories.

From the photos, the iPhone 7 Pro looks to be the same size as the current iPhone 6 and 6S Plus.

iPhone 7 Pro

Images: Nowhere Else


While there is no way to confirm if the photos are of a legitimate phone, they do confirm some of the previous rumours on Apple’s eagerly anticipated new handset and suggest that the Cupertino firm could be about to release three new phones as part of the expected launch in September.

Other rumours about the device have suggested it will no longer include a headphone jack, while the internal storage is likely to get a big upgrade.

The iPhone 7 is expected to look pretty much the same as the iPhone 6S, before the whole line up has an upgrade next year with the release of the iPhone 8.

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Meanwhile, a video being shared on Chinese social media that shows the iPhone 7 alongside an iPhone 6S seems to back up the claim that the devices will look similar and offers yet more ideas of what the iPhone may look like.

If the handset shown in the video is genuine, then it appears that Apple has only slightly changed the layout on the iPhone 7.

Gone are the antennas lines on the back of the device, while the camera lens looks larger and seems to protrude slightly.

The iPhone 7 also looks like it has smoother curves and, crucially for some, again seems to confirm the omission of a headphone jack.



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