Apple’s latest ad campaign urges Android users to switch to iPhone


Apple has launched a new website and ad campaign aimed at convincing Android users to switch to iPhone.

“Life is easier on iPhone. And that starts as soon as you turn it on”, Apple says.

The new websites answers a series of questions for Android users who may be thinking about switching.

Questions answered include:

Will it be easy to switch to iPhone?

Is the camera as good as they say?

Why is iPhone so fast?

Will iPhone be easy to use?

How does iPhone help protect my personal information?

Among others.

Accompanying the website are a series of videos uploaded to the Apple YouTube account which further encourages users to make the switch.

The videos, which are just 16 seconds long, show a split screen, with the left of the screen colour in dull grey, which reads ‘your phone’, while the right side of the screen is in colour and labelled ‘iPhone’.

The five videos each give a reason why switching to iPhone is great idea and claim the following:

– Moving your photos to iPhone couldn’t be easier

– Moving to iPhone from an Android device is also straightforward

– The iPhone is way faster than your current phone

– Your privacy is much safer on iPhone

– The music experience is much better on iPhone

You can check out the five videos below:


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