Apple’s New Streaming Music Service to Launch in June


Apple’s new streaming music service will officially launch in June. The streaming music service is a complete overhaul of Beats but with iTunes branding and close integration with Apple devices. No exact launch date has been confirmed, but some sources say the service may be unveiled at the annual Apple developer conference event in early June.

The new streaming service will integrate some of the recommendation and personalization features on the current Beats service, but will likely run on new software. The service will get a new name too. Apple does plan to offer its streaming service across multiple platforms, including Android and the web. Originally, the service was set to launch in March, but Android development has pushed the launch back to June.

It’s no surprise that Apple plans to offer their service across multiple platforms. After all, iTunes is available on Windows, and iWork is available to anyone regardless of which operating system they’re using.

If Apple plays its cards right, it could be a major competitor to leading streaming services, like Spotify. The company plans on offering more attractive pricing too, which would give it a leg up on its competitors. Apple plans on offering its service for $7.99 per month, which is $2 cheaper than Spotify and Rdio subscriptions. Currently, Spotify has 60 million users and 15 million paid subscribers. However, Apple has the advantage of being able to offer its service to hundreds of millions of iPad, iPhone and Mac users.

Apple also has the advantage of having a large budget. The company has been working hard to snag stubborn artists, like The Beatles who will be streaming for the first time through their service. With Apple’s influence and deep pockets, the company’s new streaming service has the potential to lure in customers from its competitors and reel in new ones who already use the iTunes platform.