Apple’s new trade in program tries to lure Android users to iPhone


Apple is about to launch a new trade in program that aims to encourage Android users to replace their existing smartphone with an iPhone.

According to a report on 9to5Mac, Apple is looking to boost in-store sales of its popular iPhone handset and one way it hopes to achieve this is by offering customers who trade in their existing Android device a gift card that can be used towards the purchase of a new iPhone.

For some time, Apple has been running a similar program whereby customers can trade in their old Apple devices. However, the original trade in program excludes Android devices.

Known as the iPhone Reuse and Recycle trade in, this program launched in 2013 and the company has used it as a way of encouraging iPhone users to upgrade to newer versions of its devices. First launched in the United States, the program proved so successful that it was also rolled out across Europe, Australia and Canada.

However, critics of the trade in program often highlighted Apple’s somewhat uncompetitive rates for users who decided to trade in their iPhone handsets. Apple would give customers $35 for an ‘old’ iPhone, which generally speaking, would be much cheaper than what someone could get for selling the device independently on sites such as eBay. The original trade in program also does not accept models older than the iPhone 4, which is another potential drawback.

9to5Mac also reports that employees in Apple’s retail stores will be on hand to help Android users transfer contacts and other important info over to their new iPhone should they decide to make the switch.

There is no further information on when the Android trade in program will officially launch or where it will be available.



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