Apple’s Tim Cook named CEO of the year


Apple CEO Tim Cook has been named the CEO of the year in the CNNMoney charts. According to the website, the executive did an “amazing job” as Apple’s chief-in-command in 2014. Contributing to his successful leadership was undoubtedly the fact that Apple stock (AAPL) is up nearly 40% this year and has reached an all time high in the last few months.

“He’s had to convince skeptics that Apple can still innovate after the death of Steve Jobs,” said CNN, before stating that “He’s proven all the naysayers wrong.”

Some people might scoff, but under Cook’s leadership Apple has managed to reach an all time high in terms of unit sales of iPhones (the all-new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), and has positioned the company well to take advantage of next year’s expected explosion in wearables, i.e. the Apple Watch in 2015.

There were some CEOs who also were on the shortlist, such as BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen, Meg Whitman of HP, and Sally Smith of Buffalo Wild Wings (who?).

Other tech bosses also made the list, but were criticised somewhat, such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for his statement about women in the workplace in what was a “tone deaf comment about women”, and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer who “may not deserve all the credit” for the new found success of the company. Also mentioned was T-Mobile (U.S.) CEO John Legere, but unfortunately the company shares are down nearly 25% under his leadership.

Tim Cook named Person of the Year by the FT

Tim Cook - Apple Watch

Cook introduces the  Watch onstage in September.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was also named the person of the year by the Financial Times, who said that he had introduced buzzworthy new product categories such as the Apple Watch. He also just lost out on Time’s person of the year award, which was awarded to the Ebola fighters.

Tim Cook has succeeded in carving out a reputation as a strong, no-nonense leader who has proved that Apple still has the ability to innovate. Cook has arguably entered into the public consciousness almost as much as previous CEO Steve Jobs; on the other hand, does anyone even know the name of Google’s CEO?

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