AppsFlyer looks to create hub in Bangkok


AppsFlyer, a mobile advertising analytics firm based in Israel, is said to be considering Thailand as its Asian hub for expansion because of huge growth in the local mobile advertising industry.

AppsFlyer expands into Asia

The company will apparently expand into Asia after it managed to raise $20 million in funding. The start-up already partners with Internet companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google to measure how effective its in-app mobile ads are.

“We are on the verge of setting up representative offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Bangkok to closely monitor our operations and customers there”, said Ronen Mense, vice-president for Asia-Pacific of AppsFlyer.

This will be in addition to the firm’s operations in San Francisco and Beijing. There are more than 3 billion consumers in Asia, and mobile is dominant, so AppsFlyer wants to promote growth and have a greater presence in the region, said Mense.


Mr Mense said Thailand had the potential to become AppsFlyer’s Asean hub because of the strong penetration rate of mobile phone and internet users.

At the moment, mobile ads are very popular as a way to promote products, especially games. The whole region has a solid growth in mobile games, mainly thanks to huge numbers of people under 30 years old and the availability and low cost of smartphones.

Based on market research, Thailand’s game market for mobile (and PCs) is said to be worth $230 million this year, with more than 14.7 million gamers.

Mr Mense said demand for measurement tools were on the rise, thanks to the sharp rise in mobile ad spending.

Market researcher eMarketer predicts global mobile ad spend will reach $64 billion this year, surging to 58 billion by 2018.

AppsFlyer’s tools help advertisers to measure and analyse mobile ad campaigns across 800 mobile ad networks and media sources such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post