Are you at risk? Hackers steal the details of millions of XBOX and PSP users


The login details of more than 2.5 million PSP and Xbox gamers have been stolen in a massive cyber attack, security experts have discovered.

The attack targeted two popular unofficial gaming forums, XBOX360 ISO and PlayStation’s PSP ISO forum, where players post comments and share links to download pirated versions of popular games for free.

Usernames, email addresses and passwords were compromised during the attack, which was believed to have taken place in September 2015.

Those responsible for the attack remain unknown, with security experts now urging users to change their passwords immediately.

Meanwhile the attack further highlights the importance of using a different passwords for each of your online account.

“As breach after breach has shown that using the same username and password for multiple sites is a bad idea, you would have to imagine this group would have gotten that message by now,” Jonathan Sander, vice president at Lieberman Software, told SC Media.

“When you see a dump of passwords hit a much less techie site, you can be sure that huge number of the victims are going to have to go around changing their credentials on the many sites where they foolishly used the same details over and over,” he added.


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