Are you bored of Facebook? Smartphone users spending less time on social media


Smartphone users around the world are spending less time on social media apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

According to a new study carried out by online analytics firm SimilarWeb, Android users are spending less time on social media apps in favour of private messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Line and Telegram.

The report analysed the time users spent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat and found that Instagram suffered the biggest drop in global usage, down almost 24 percent year on year.

Twitter usage was found was found to have declined by 23 percent, Snapchat by nearly 16 percent and Facebook by 8 percent.

Facebook was found to still be the most popular app, while Twitter was found to be least popular.

The report also found that people spent an average of 34 minutes each day using the Facebook app and 17 minutes using the Facebook owned Instagram app.

Researchers compiled the study after tracking the activity of hundreds of thousands of Android phones between January and March 2015 in nine different countries including the UK, US, Australia, Germany, France, India and Spain.

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According to report author Pavel Tuchinsky, there could be two reasons behind the drop in social media use.

First is the increase in popularity of smaller, more niche social media apps such as Periscope and the encrypted messenger service Telegram, which now has 100,000,000 monthly active users.

“We see a trend towards privacy, and towards more individual communications,” Pavel Tuchinsky told the Telegraph.

Secondly, messaging apps have also seen a massive surge in popularity, with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber and WeChat accounting for 3 billion accounts globally.

Whatsapp alone has more than 1 billion active users and the report found that there was an overall increase of installations of messaging apps across all nations.


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