Asia leads fastest Internet speeds, Thailand on the rise


In its latest State of The Internet Report, Akamai reveals that Asia leads the world and claims the top three positions for Internet speeds during 2014. Thailand ranks 45th overall in the world, but is making progress with faster broadband compared to the previous year.

Korea has the world’s fastest Internet, again

Global Broadband Speeds

Despite a 12% quarter-over-quarter decline in average connection speed in the fourth quarter, South Korea remained steadfast in its position as the country in the Asia Pacific region (and the world) with the highest average connection speed, as shown above.

Hong Kong, the closest contender, had an average connection speed nearly 5.5 Mbps slower than South Korea. This quarter, Taiwan joined South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore as the only surveyed Asia Pacific countries/regions to have average connection speeds above the 10 Mbps “high broadband” threshold.

Asia Broadband Speeds

In the Asia Pacific region, Thailand is ranked 8th with 13% of Internet connections managed to surpass 10 Mbps, a 325% year-over-year change. Thailand is also fourth in the region for Internet speeds above 4 Mbps (the FCC in the US classes anything over 4 Mbps as ‘broadband’) with 86% of connections falling in that category a rise of 2.2% on the previous quarter, and a 59% rise year-over-year.

Asia High Broadband Speeds

Thailand’s Internet sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s clear that in terms of the region itself, the average speeds are on the rise.

Is your Internet speed in Thailand acceptable? Do you suffer from poor or intermittent connectivity? Perhaps you have recently had fibre installed from 3BB, TOT or True? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Akamai



  1. Tommy Hellsten on

    Strange before I move to Thailand 10 years ago, I have 100mbps in my home in Sweden, today in Thailand I have 30mbps inside the country but really bad outside, I’m down to Modem speed I have 25 years ago 🙁
    So please speed up the connection outside Asia!

  2. Peter Thygesen on

    The internet inside Thailand is quite ok, much more interesting is when will we get better internet to Europe ?

  3. Hmmm…..just some things important when it comes to what you call “speed”.

    1) Bandwith
    How many bits can go through at the same time? Yes fast, when I studied it in the netherlands we had 10Mbit with 300 students, it was okay. In Thailand you can get that for yourself (even more), Europe too, by the way, but I believe Thailand is ahead, if you say so.

    2) Line quality
    How many of the bits that go through, go through correct? Else it has the be resend. See the phone lines here? Line quality is not that good in Thailand. It is good in some places but it is bad at other places.

    3) Response Times
    When you send send something you need the other party to answer it has gone through correct (or not)..bring us to: Hub, Switch, Router. If I ever get children, I hope so…3 boys…that will be their names 🙂 These things send the bits to the right place. The more you have the less your “true” speed.

    About 1) I believe you…2) and 3) you not even talk about. Maybe better…since it is not THAT good. It really depends on where you are. Hua Hin has great “3bb” speed. Even better is “True”. But a friend of mine can even get it to work. Some people in Bangkok cant reach many things in Europe. That must be a 3) issue. But hey, go figure it out. As a digital nomad I not do anything here, but if you want to know. and and and These are copies of the original of my ex collegue. A simple but very powerfull thing to really know more about your “real speed” where you are.

    Speed to europe? Blame my three sons, I am sure about that. If all goes through one point to Europe (It belive it does)..that has to be a FAT son 🙂

    I did not really check it all in detail, but this new tell me..eehhhh…sorry…nothing.
    Just my liitle food for thought.