AT&T Brings Gigabit Internet to Cupertino, California


AT&T is bringing gigabit internet to Silicon Valley. The carrier announced that its U-Verse service with GigaPower is now available to select areas of Cupertino, California. But the ultra-fast broadband service comes at a price – and that price is much steeper than what AT&T charges in other cities.

AT&T will charge $110 per month for its premium Internet service, which offers speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. A 300 megabits per second service is also offered for $80 per month. But Cupertino residents may be unhappy to learn that the carrier is charging them $40 more per month for gigabit Internet than it charges in other cities with gigabit competitors, like Google Fiber. In Kansas City, for example, AT&T charges just $70 per month for gigabit Internet. The carrier offers the same price in both Austin and Raleigh where Google Fiber is also a direct competitor.

The GigaPower service arrives in Silicon Valley ahead of Google Fiber, which is currently available in eight cities in the U.S. Cupertino also happens to be home to Apple and is a stone’s throw away from Google’s own Mountain View office.

With the addition of Cupertino, GigaPower is now available in six markets, while Google Fiber is only available in three. Google has plans to expand to five other markets, but AT&T has plans to expand to ten. Comcast will also jump on the gigabit bandwagon, offering gigabit service sometime in 2015.


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