Audio-Technica brings its latest earphones to Bangkok


Music to the ears

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

RTB Technology recently brought the latest lineup of Japan’s Audio-Technica headphones with advanced audio technology to Thailand, introducing the new 5 Series at Siam Discovery’s Digital Lab to a crowd that included Audio-Technica fans Notapol “Kor” Srichomkwan, a member of Groove Riders and POP, Sirisin “Kwang” Chotvijit of former pop rock band AB Normal, Channel 3 actress and Virgin HitZ DJ Supaporn “Boom” Wongthuaythong and gamecaster Chonlatit “Moo” Wayupab, aka Basgamer.

“We enjoyed remarkable success with our two new models in the Sound Reality or SR series, which featured the world’s first 100-per-cent digital Bluetooth headphones with state-of-the-art technology that digitised from the original sound source to speaker drivers without analog transformation,” says Vimolmaln Vatanasombut, chief marketing officer of RTB Technology.

The new series, he adds, has been developed to meet the lifestyle of consumers rather than only focusing on professional groups.

In the ANC series, the ATH-ANC700BT are over-ear Bluetooth headphones with Active Noise Cancelling system to allow listeners to indulge their passion for music even in the noisiest of surroundings. The phones, which boast a high-quality wireless connection known as aptX, come in black and black and red and are selling for Bt7,990.

The Solid Bass over-ear headphones are designed to delight music lovers with a deep and powerful bass that doesn’t swallow the mid and low ranges. This series consists of two models equipped with 53mm drivers supporting high-quality wireless connection aptX: ATH-WS990BT with Active Noise Cancelling and Hear Through function for Bt9,900 and ATH-WS660BT with two-layered ear pads for Bt6,290.

The street monitoring series S200BT are onear headphones designed for comfortable wear and smartphone compatible. They connect wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.1 and are available in black, black-red and grey-blue for Bt2,590.

CKR Series is the ultimate wireless inear headphones in the Sound Reality family, featuring wireless in-ear neck-band design for agility in daily use without compromising Hi-Res sound quality. This series launches 3 models: CKR75BT with realistic sound and high-quality wireless connection through 11.8 drivers and amplifiers to give extended 540,000Hz frequency. The phones come in black and red and cost Bt5,290. CKR55BT offers 10.7mm drivers in black and red for Bt3,990, while the CKR35BT features 9.8mm dynamic drivers and builtin microphone and remote control and come in black, red and blue for Bt2,290.

“The M50x is the best-seller of all time and we release it in a limited colour every year. This year, it is dark red with a gold trim. Our ATH-MSR7BK over-ear high-resolution headphones won the Best Headphones of the Year award in 2015,” says Vimolmaln.

“I have used these headphones for more than 10 years starting with the M50, which is still popular today,” says Kor Notapol.

“I use M50 headphones at the recording studio as well as R70 headphones for the mixdown. The M50 headphones are good for musicians.”

Kwang AB Normal agrees but opts for the DSR9BT Bluetooth wireless headphones especially while travelling

“You don’t have to worry about losing sound because they’re wireless. If you are a serious listener or movie viewer, these headphones are terrific.”

“I wear ATH-SPORT 70BT when I play sports and when I’m travelling,” says Boom Supaporn, while Moo Basgamer raves about the ATHAG1x phones, saying: “They come with Noise Cancelling and big ear cups, making them excellent for playing games.”

The Audio-Technica Headphones Festival, which features special discounts, continues at Digital Lab through the end of May.


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