Avast users: DO NOT install the Windows 10 Anniversary update just yet


There have been an increasing number of reports that Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary update has been crashing computers and causing all manner of problems for users of one very popular anti virus software.

If you use Avast anti virus then you are advised NOT to install Microsoft’s blockbuster update just yet.

The current version of the update seems to be conflicting with the world’s most popular free anti virus software.

Some users who run Avast on their PC or laptop have even reported being hit with the infamous Blue Screen of Death while attempting to install the Anniversary update.

The bug is said to be the result of incompatibility between the anti virus software, the Windows update and certain Intel chipsets which are commonly used in PCs and laptops.

When users try to install the Windows 10 Anniversary update on to a PC that has Avast installed, it send them into a never ending Blue Screen of Death cycle that can only be stopped if the user performs a hard reset of their machine.

Blue screen of death

Blue screen of death Source: Wikipedia

Microsoft started rolling out the Anniversary update for Windows 10 on August 2nd.

The update is available free of charge to anyone who uses Windows 10.

Avast has said it has issued a patch for the problem, which can be downloaded from the company’s website.

In a post on its forum, Quality Assurance Director Petr Chytll said “While the majority of our users didn’t have a problem, certain HW (hardware) configurations didn’t mix well with the update.”

“To be specific, when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was combined with our aswvmm.sys driver on an Intel CPU from the Skylake family with Intel VT enabled in the BIOS, the update resulted in a blue screen of death.”

The news comes after users took to Reddit and social media to report a wide array of problems after installing the new Windows 10 update.

Many users said their PCs repeatedly froze, while others complained about issues connecting to Wi-Fi and accessing the Start Menu.

Some users also claimed that Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, stopped work after installed the update.



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  1. I did warn you before!

    Wait with the WIndows10 AU till such time that no problems are reported anymore.

    MS has given more often problems with updates. Still waiting and happy computering on my Ubuntu system. =:)