This is awesome: Elon Musk’s hyperloop hits 355km/h, sets new speed record


Tesla founder Elon Musk has posted a video of his company’s hyperloop pod breaking a new speed record.

The video shows the Tesla SpaceX Hyperloop pusher pod travelling through its testing tunnel at 355km/h, breaking its own previous speed record.

Scroll right on the image to see the video

Musk said that he hoped the technology will be able to reach speeds of 500km/h by next month.

“We took the SpaceX/Tesla Hyperloop pusher pod for a spin by itself a few days ago to see what it could do when not pushing student pods (some need a push to get going, e.g. passive maglev), Musk wrote in an Instagram post.

Earlier this week, Musk shared a video of another hyperloop prototype that reached a top speed of 324km/h.

The hyperloop is essentially a long piece of tube that has the air removed to create a vacuum and is used to transport people between two locations at very high speeds.

The tube would then be suspended off the ground in order to protect from earthquakes and weather.

Following these latest tests, the ambitious plans for hyperloops to transform modern transportation look closer to reality than ever before.

First announced in 2013, Musk said his hyperloop could be used to transport people a distance of 610 km, almost the same distance as travelling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, in just 30 minutes, twice as fast as flying.


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